Are you Physically Attractive?

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We live in the twenty first century, an era of competition and takeovers. A very well known saying explains that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder” but today this has taken a vivid shape where it encompasses a carried spectrum of elements to counter beauty. Beauty was once confined to the face and the complexion but its to do with a number of aspects, like the type of hair and the hair style, the nails, the figure/ physique, the makeup, the grooming, the dressing, the way you carry yourself, your skin type and your health.

Let’s take a short test to check if you are physically attractive and do you like yourself-

1)      When you go out casually with your friends, do you-

  1. Like to dress up nicely
  2. You care a damn, go in whatever


2)      When you throw a party do you-

  1.  Have more of the Opposite sex friends
  2. Have more of the same sex friends


3)      When you look into a mirror do you-

  1. You praise yourself, and look at some improvements
  2. You criticize yourself and say forget it.


4)      Your Body type

  1. Thin/lean
  2. Fat/ chubby


5)      When you have a special occasion, do you-

  1. Go to the salon to get ready
  2. Who cares about how you look, just casually dress up


6)      When you are all dressed up in your best of boots, you would-

  1. Want attention and praises
  2. Not want anyone to really notice you


7)      On your siblings wedding, you would-

  1. Meet all your relatives and flaunt the way you specially dressed up
  2. Try to run away from them and avoid them


8)      When you have a school reunion you would-

  1. Want to dress up and go and show it all off
  2. Want to avoid it and say I did not get the invite/ I am out of town

9)      When snaps are clicked you normally-

  1. Flaunt yourself confidently, pose and smile looking at those
  2. Try covering your face and if possible running away from the place


10)   When you have land up on the stage with your speech you would-

  1. Prepare and confidently go up to see the people applaud
  2. Fear it and get conscious about the dressing and the words



–          If you score more of A’s then you seem to have a pleasing personality with a physical attractiveness. You have a good self esteem and you take good interest in looking after yourself. You shall continue to do this

–          If you have scored more of B’s then you must now take interest in your ownself. Its time to buckle your shoes and hit the gym, get physically fit and look at yourself in the mirror. Each one of us wants attention and you deserve it too but while some have it as Gods gift some have to work on getting those.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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