Do Superstitions have a Psychological Impact ?

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India is a country of varied traditions and cultures and each of these have their set of superstitions. Some of the commonly believed and followed superstitions are-

–          When a cat or a black cat especially crosses your path, it’s considered a bad deed, every act after that goes bad.

–          When the left eye flickers, it is considered unlucky and an expectation of something negative coming your way.

–           Breaking of glass is considered lucky and some good sign.

–           Someone asking you where you are going, just when you are leaving the door, could have a negative impact.

–          While praying or in an auspicious event when the diya (lamp) or a candle blow off, it’s not a good sign.

Well these are just a few of the many that people hold. Every culture has its own set of superstitions and most of the people fall victims to these. But what are superstitions?

Superstitions are plainly beliefs and faith that have no understanding or knowledge, no scientific evidences and no scientific proofs but still they hold a strong corner in our minds. They are knots formed during our conditioning since childhood. As we grow these knots get tighter and get into the roots. Well superstitions do have a psychological impact on our mind. They create a fear and also could be our own hurdles. We are a fruit of what we think. When we have negative thoughts, our actions go in the same direction and so the outcome comes out to be negative.

Just imagine yourself going for an interview with all the preparation and enthusiasm to get the job and a cat crosses your way, now your thoughts get negative, you feel this was a signal of you either not going for the interview or not getting the job, so you get sad in your head, your enthusiasm fades, when you reach there you see the other candidates and your confidence fall all the more and now you put least efforts and end up with no job. Now you blame the cat for all of it but the fact is that it was all in your mind. You created a mindset and now the goal of the mindset was “will not get the job” . We get what we aim for but many a times we are not clear of the path so we go haywire.

Superstitions create a strong mental block. Its time now to stop having superstitions or hold a control over the thoughts once something wrong is expected. Then a conscious effort is required to motivate your own self. What happens to you is entirely in your hands and you are the writer of your own life.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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