Is technology going beyond man’s reach?

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In our day to day life, we normally wonder what came first, eggs or chicken, did chickens lay eggs and if they did then where did they come from. Science and technology are shaping up similarly. Sometimes we are forced to wonder who invented what. Did man invent machines and tools that could perform jobs faster than a man can or was it the other way round. Computers that calculate faster than a brain could and connectivity beyond mans reach. We could speak with people round the world, see people of different parts, and reach places in hours. Well the wings of science have covered every area of human progress and given us a day of amazement, but there is a crucial question here, has man fallen a victim to it?

Today man is a free bird and could play with science but this has also lead to a lot of ANXIETY, GREED, SUPRESSION, DISTANCE, MATERIALISM AND GRIEF. Although on one end it has its positives, it has its own negatives which are more psychological and physiological besides physically man feels pride is conquering.

Computers have their learning and connecting benefits but  children are so addicted to games and social networking sites that they do not want to play, when that’s their real age to sweat and run. Moreover calls phones are an addiction for many, infact many even sleep with their cell phones, not realizing its ill effects. Technology if used the right way, has only benefits but many a times it’s not. The weapons used to save our country could have worsening effects. The radioactive material could seize lives of many.

The world today has become a global market and with the increasing needs, new things are being invented day in day out. Buy the latest model of cell phone and in no time would you realize its now mediocre, we are moving with a great pace.

Moreover each one of us on an individual level wants to grow in life, wants to achieve more and wants to be successful, so  we are constantly on the move. Use all what we have got in their best of spirits. Too much of anything is not good just lie too much of medicines could cause side effects.

Its time we relish the boon of science and technology.

–          Keep cell phone away while we go off to sleep

–          Use less of electricity and don’t allow waste

–          Watch television enough to entertain but go out and take a brisk walk

–          Cook fresh veggies instead of heating precooked food

–          Spend time with friends and family instead of disk-mans and play stations

–          Much on healthy food instead of aerated drinks and fries

–          Go swimming and skating instead of playing computer games

Enjoy and relish technology and you would not realize when you may just land up going for a vacation to the Moon or Mars or flying cars instead of driving them.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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