Could you fall a victim to “Asthma” ?

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Do you experience sudden episodes of breathlessness? Does your chest feel tight and is there wheezing in your chest during these episodes? You may be suffering from ‘Asthma’.

What causes Asthma? When we breathe, air travels from our nose into our pharynx to our wind pipe called the trachea to tubes called bronchi so that our lungs get inflated with air. Asthma occurs when these bronchi get temporarily constricted due to certain ‘triggers’. When an asthmatic patient comes in contact with a triggering factor his airways narrow down.

Asthma is due to a genetically inherited tendency to develop asthma coupled with environmental factors. This would mean that most patients suffering from asthma have a family history of allergy in the skin, eyes ,nose or asthma.

Asthma can be either allergic or due to other triggers like exercise, change in weather and stress. Allergic asthma tends to occur at a younger age.

Asthma is usually trigerred by allergens. An allergen is any substance that is capable of triggering an allergic response in your body like dust mite, molds, cat or dog hair, air pollutants, smoke, medicines like aspirin, etc.

When our immunity is not on the stronger end and the external forces drive it to go crazy, the result is Asthama, a body condition, one can never get completely rid of and when one falls victim to it, one cannot be a participant to every place on the planet. Every step is watched and every destination is thought about before capitalizing. Crowded streets, roller coasters, open top buses and water sports, you can never predict when you may get an attack.

Most commonly asthma is seen to start before 10 years age. Among children, boys are affected 2 times more than girls. Among adults, both males and females are aqually affected. Patients suffering fom asthma frequently get attacks more during the night.

If you are suffering from these kind of symptoms your doctor will diagnose you based upon your symptoms and how you respond to the treatment. A lung function test confirms the diagnosis. A skin test in which small doses of allergens are injected into the skin can help identify which substances you are allergic to.

The development of an asthmatic attack can be prevented by avoiding allergens . An acute asthma is treated with inhalers such as salbutamol which dilate the bronchi. Steroid pumps are also used to inhibit the allergic response.

If you are an asthmatic, a condition you should be aware about is what is called as status asthmaticus. This is a severe attack of asthma which does not respond to the regular pumps. It may require immediate medical attention since it may be life threatening.

Children who develop asthma early on in life are seen to improve better than people who develop asthma later on in life. These usually develop a chronic form of asthma which lasts for a long time.

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