Sex- Vulgur or Vitality

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Is sexual intimacy important in a relationship?

Is sexual act important to keep the spark alive?

More than anything, is a sex important for person for his wellbeing?

Different countries and cultures look at Sex in a different way. Western countries are more open about it and on the other hand the Eastern world is shy about the whole thing. But the crucial question is, Is important ? Sex is an act of pleasure and satisfaction. Science has proved that it also has medicinal benefits as well.

Sex is of vital importance for four reasons-

–          For sexual ecstasy , pleasure and satisfaction

–          To get rid of stress and prolonged worries

–          To express love and expressions of romance

–          To conceive a baby

When a child reaches puberty, it’s a hormonal change and this change involves complete development of a male and a female. He/She goes through a physical and a psychological change. They move towards maturity and now their mind is more diverted to looks. They are concerned with their own looks, their hair, their eyes and their dressing and they also get critic about the looks of the opposite sex. These are indications that one is now moving towards the NEED of physical intimacy. It’s a change where the body has a number of demands, sexual pleasure, getting attracted to the opposite sex and physical intimacy. It’s more a need than a want or a desire.

But when we count sex as a part of marriage or a living in, we realize that it’s a need of a body. Sexual acts could make one calm down, relax the mind and get rid of stress or eve n depression to a great extent. It is an important ingredient to keep the delicacy of marriage alive. It acts like a spice.

Moreover there is no age to having a physical intimacy. One a person has reached puberty ones body holds a greed and even when one gets older, say in his forties, this drive gets even stronger. Many a times SEX is more looked at for the youngsters and the newly wed and with time it is given a back seat, but it’s the most important spice to keep the marriage going on happily.

So whether its in the West or in the East, a relationship which holds love and romance, whether it’s a marriage or a living in, one must realize that it’s a natural need of the body and when one involves himself in an act of ecstasy and sensuality, one is bound to derive pleasure, relaxation, satisfaction and an emotional bond filled with love.


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