Ever tried Acupressure??

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Today’s busy schedules and time constraints making our lives hectic and tiring give no place to relaxation and recreation of the body energy. To get the oomph factor in our daily agenda we have to revitalize ourselves and the pure and natural solution to this is acupressure. It is a form of transfer of energy and force from the external forces to the internal self.

There are various acupressure points on the head, the back, the neck, the palms, the arms, the feet, the legs and various other spots where acupressure is conducted by different levels of pressure. Starting with light pressure and then going deeper till the pulse rate is felt and once it is it proves that there is perfect circulation.
According to acupressure, they is a blood flow and a flow of energy which could be controlled through the pressure points, without injuring any other parts. Accupressure is an art of pressuring certain body parts with a particular amount of pressure and a particular frequency depending upon the illness or the body condition. Acupressure is a need today. It is a cure to innumerable diseases related to thyroid, diabetes, cervical cancer, metabolic disorders, asthma, etc. It also solves issues regarding obesity, lack of sleep, muscular pains, eye sight issues, headaches, cold, constipation, acidity, backache, hair growth and many other. Those who want to increase their height are now preferring acupressure as a clear solution. During pregnancy acupressure serves as a major relief from various pains and keeps up the blood circulation rate. Pregnant women tend to be less active especially at towards the due date and acupressure acts as a natural substitute to steroids and reduces the swellings women face but consultation is a must. It has taken the shape of alternate medicine and not only is it practised in India but also in many parts of South East Asian countries and some European countries. Reflexology has got its roots in acupressure where certain portions of the foot are pressurized.
The stress from work, pressures from work and family and lack of a balance diet is the cause of most of the problems which needs an immediate cure for future sustainability. Having more than 350 acupressure points, acupressure has given us a road to shape our body and relieve our minds from all the external toxicants and lead us to a healthy living style.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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