Reasons of Stress in Kids

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Kids are young souls, they are quick graspers and they absorb a lot from their immediate environment. So it is very important to keep their environment positive and charged up. This is the age when they start forming their bags of emotions and this bag gets heavier with negative emotions as and when they have experiences which have aspects of fear, sadness, trauma, pain or horror.
Prolonged tensions lead to stress in kids. When children are scolded, they do not fear the reason of negative actions like firing, slaps, bashing ups , but what they fear are those actions and although these actions are to explain to them from acting wrong or to stop their acts, they may be too young to comprehend those. Children have enough reasons to worry-

– Children who have met a calamity, like loss of a parent, accident or loss of a limb. These have a huge impact on their mind and they grow up to be psychologically weaker than the others. They have a constant need of sympathy and attention. They feel lost and they feel inferior before others. They could get psychologically drained and may not want to participate in activities of normal life.
– Immense competition and the added on pressure of parents and teachers adds on to their stress. Pressure to be the best, score and be a ranker, participate in school annual days and an active participant in sports and curriculum. Parents want to change the saying “JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE” to “JACK OF ALL TRADES AND MASTER OF EACH ONE”. Well this could be a solid reason for a stress. Stress to live up to the expectations of parents and making them proud.
– Separation of parents or regular fights and quarrels at home. Parents should be kept away from the problems of the parents. Parents are older and should deal with them on their own level. Involving kids would give them a picture which could psychologically affect them. When children are involved in quarrels and fights, it could lead to stress and sometimes even into depression.
– Child abuse is yet another cause of the problem. It leaves scars on the minds of the young ones. Each experience leaves behind a set of actions, some positive and some negative and child abuse could leave behind scars that could lead to forming a distinct behavior.

You must have noticed people who are extremely reserved, some who like sadistic pleasure, some who are narcissists and some who have an extremely low self esteem. Well all of this is because of their childhood experiences. So ensure that your child has the best of his experiences to share with your grand kids and even he grows up to be a great parent.


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Stress in Kids Child Behavior

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