Stress in Kids

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Do you think you were stressed when you were a kid ?
Is it possible for kids to undergo stress and pressure ?
Do children have the understanding what is going on in their mind ?
Do they know what is wrong and what is right ?
What are the possible factors of stress for children ?
Too many questions and too many answers. Well stress is something that comes natural. Although adversities of stress could be controlled but stress as a habit depends completely on the conditioning. Stress is an unconscious and an unintentional act of thinking about things, situations, experiences, fears and happenings. It could victimize anyone and age is not a factor, so children do get stressed. These days there is stiff competition in every field of life from studies to sports, from drama to curriculum, from parents to teachers. A child has a varied choice of picking what suits him best but then come the mountains of expectations that parents have from their children.

Every parent wants his child to be the best. He wants him to have an edge over the others. He wants him to be a ranker and a sports person. His curriculum is expected to show good grades and his personality charming. He should be active and they can be proud of. Well climbing these huge mountains of expectations children get stressed.
Every human has a few stages from birth and as they grow older, there are developmental changes both physically and psychologically. These changes are as follows-
– Infancy (From birth to 2 weeks )
– Babyhood (From the end of the second week to 2 years)
– Childhood (From the second year until 12 years of age)
– Adolescence(From the age of 12 years until 20 years)
– Adulthood (From the age of 20 years to 40 years)
– Mid-age (From the age of 40 years to 60 years)
– Old age ( 60 years onwards)
Childhood is a crucial period for a child when stress could hit him. This is a molding period, period when learns a lot of things and develops his like, dislikes, favorites and habits. This is when the parents should be very understanding to realize how their child is getting conditioned. A child who has always been abused and behaved roughly tends to get affected in two ways- either he gets very shrude and behaves in the same manner with other and gets bold or he gets scared of his environment, he tends to hold a fear. So behaving the right way is of vital importance.
Let us now get into details of how a child could be made mentally strong and with a positive attitude and what are the pressures of daily life that he should not be made to care about.

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