Body Piercings – A new Trend

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The western culture and attitude has spread widely in India and brings a lot of changes in the lifestyle with respect to the fashion industry, body tattoos and body piercings. Body piercings are passages is created on the external body for wearing jewellery. From years there has been ear piercing and nose piercing for young girls but now the trend has set forth piercings of the forehead, chin, naval, nails, lips and even the tongue. Piercings is the latest fashion especially for the new generation.

People get piercings for different reasons. They do it for body modification to get noticed, in India girls and also boys of some castes have to get their ears pierced in their adolescence and compulsory piercings are done in the tribal areas. There are people who get these piercings to beat the world records, at almost all the spots at their body.
Though a requirement for some and trendy for the others piercings are harmful in many ways. They could lead to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and other life threatening diseases if proper sterilised needles are not used. They may lead to scars, swellings, infections, tearing of tissues and also harm the nerves especially near the eyes. The youth being ignorant of the side effects and following the fashion blindly does not consider the harms that they are causing to their inner self. They find these piercings cool and happening and often fall into traps. It also restricts the job opportunities at many places plus in our personal lives it may be against the morals of our close ones.
It is always recommended not to get too many piercings as with age the muscles lose their tension and the holes do not tend to close and even if required always visit a professional having a good amount of knowledge and experience to get these piercings because you are just playing with your body and exposing it to various threats. The popularity of body piercings has outrun the complications that may occur. There will be many such trendy styles coming in with their glamour and threats but it is only you who can protect yourself from getting bullied.

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Vijay Dalwani


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