Eye Massage

June 5, 2011 at 4:28 pm Leave a comment

Do we care about things that we already have ?
Do we thank God for what he has given us ?
If we do then how do we prove that ?
Eyesight is one of those Gods gifts to us to admire the world and rejoice his creation but when we posses it we hardly value it but imagine if you had lost it, life would just be black and the night would never turn back into day. Since we use our eyes the most it’s time to relax them and pamper them.

Eyes are the most precious, sensitive, thin-skinned and valuable parts of our body and they need immense care for a healthy living. Every body needs rest and hence doctors recommend a minimum and a maximum number of hours of sleep. But thats not sufficient to rejuvenate ourselves and so the solution is acupressure and massages. Massages of various parts of our bodies release the tension from our muscles and improve the flexibility of our body tissues. People these days have made massages a regular feature of their daily agenda due to the increased workloads and stress levels. Different soles prefer different forms of massages for different parts of their body. Eye Massage, one of the common and most required massages nowadays is being given at various spas.
Have you noticed the dark circles on the eyes of people around you or even your own self. Well that shows signs of stress, lack of sleep, tension and burdening of work. This is a common feature now, even the TV actors who appear to have a flawless look, hide such mark behind their expensive make up. But why use make up when there are natural solutions easily available.
Eye massages for eye relief and eye healing is the pure form of solution. In spas they use various types of oils and massage the gentle area surrounding the eyes for hours together using the tips of their fingers to give you some time off from the stress given to the eyes by the regular use of computers throughout the day. Your eye lids are very delicate and sensitive and hence require a soft and smooth feel of pressure.
So avoid external means such as make up to cover your stress effects and avoid unnecessary pills from toxicating you from within and simply go gift your eyes some peace for a few hours and see the glow not only around your eyes but also on the whole of your face.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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