Skin Whitening

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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is one of the most known sayings but today with science and technology playing their roles fantastically any girl could look like Cinderella. From the Hair to the skin and even the body, you could change the way it all looks something that has caught the attention of many is Skin Whitening. Every girl wants to look fairer with a great complexion and a healthy skin. And these days the trends are moving the other way as well. Not only women, men today want to have a fairer complexion as well.

The television commercials and newspaper articles of skin whitening products have created a hoax in peoples’ minds that only the fair can dare. They have created this mindset that people can get married easily and get job opportunities easily if they are fair. People are following these ads and increasing the sale of such products seeing only the short term results. Today every bride wants to be fair and every boy wants a fair bride so the products are capturing the market. No doubt some products provide fair results but only till they are continued. Once the application is stopped the results are all washed away and the complexion is back to square 1.They require regular application for a lifetime.
Skin whitening creams and soaps have side effects because of the chemical compositions not suiting every skin. They lead to pimples, oily skin, slow healing wounds, fat deposits at various parts of the body, swellings and many other. These long terms impacts are generally covered by the quick glowing results.
If men and women hold a desire to be fairer its not wrong but they should avoid the skin whitening soaps and creams which have a large portion of chemicals harmful when regularly used. They should rather go for natural therapies. Application of various items like sugar syrup mixed with water or milk, honey, cucumber juice, lemon extracts, yogurt, tomato juice and there many other home remedies for skin whitening and also removal of tan. So say no to the creams containing toxicating ingredients and use natural solutions.
So drink lots of water each day and eat a lot of green veggies and fuits to be healthy internally because your skin is a picture primarily of your diet and internal hygiene.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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