Time to Rejuvenate…

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The kind of lifestyle we lead today demands us to play innumerable roles from parents to children, from teachers to students, from partners to moral supporters and each of these roles demands exorbitantly from our body. This daily stress could easy solutions and one of the most known ones these days is Massages. Relaxation, Recreation, Rest, Respite, Relief, Reinstate are the 6 R’s that define massages. Massages are the manual application of external force on the human body. The pressure applied transfers energy from the external sources to the inner self and relaxes the muscles. Not only the Circulation of blood is enhanced but also the oxygen content of the body increases by such massages.

Massages had their inception in a Chinese book way back in 3000BC. Different people prefer different types of massage therapies. The famous Hot Stone massage, Thai massage, Pregnancy massage, Back massage, Sports massage, Reflexology and Swedish massage being the most common of all are evolving around the globe. Massages are given by hands, feet, fingers and elbows.
Eye Massage is an upcoming massage these days. It relaxes the muscles surrounding the eyes. There are various spas opening up daily with professional men and women providing massages for the head, shoulders, back, arms, legs, feet and in packages full body massages.
Rejuvenation of the body, peace of mind, stress reduction, relief from pains are impacts of a good massage. Herbal massages and Ayurvedic massages are traditional massages of India where natural oils and methods are followed. The frequency of getting massages depends on personal situation and preferences, if to reduce daily stress a massage once a month would be appropriate and if for some chronic pain then a regular massage would be suitable.
Just like a healthy diet if a massage is implemented in our daily regime there will be ensured long lasting benefits. Massages release body toxins and hence drink a lot of water to wash away the toxins. So the next time you feel lazy and want to get active go hit a spa and get ready to discover the new and fresh one in you.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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