Don’t skip the most important Meal

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Ever noticed why is it called breakfast? It is called so because you are breaking the fast you have had overnight. Not known to many but skipping breakfast is a very bad habit. It is very well said that eat your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a miser and your dinner like a beggar. It is not just a phrase its got its biological reasons attached to it. Breakfast builds energy in the body not only for the immediate hour but for the day. On the basis of the breakfast the body determines what is expected of it during the day.

Acting as the fuel to our body the breakfast keeps the body running healthy all day. It gives a kick start to the metabolic rate and keeps the system functioning properly. Many people skip their breakfast especially the people abroad due to time constraints and habits. The system when gets no breakfast in the morning and gets lunch directly in the afternoon cannot easily handle the food after a long period of hours and so does not immediately start the digestion process.
Breakfast is most important for children and is mostly skipped by them. For a sustainable growth their body requires a regular intake of breakfast. They often prefer sugary breakfast in the form of rolls and donuts which are again unhealthy because though the sugar will provide energy but keep the body active just for a few some time.
To diet does not mean to starve. Eat but eat healthy. Often in the course of dieting the youth skip the breakfast which is very unhealthy as recommended by the dieticians as well. Infact research has proved that children and adults grow fatter when they skip their breakfast and that is because when you provide lunch to your body directly the system tries to hold on to it as long as it can and the metabolism is slow. So never skip the most important meal and the next time you think of a healthy breakfast think of fruits, bacon, eggs, oatmeal and porridge and not about donuts, French rolls, pizzas and pastas.

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Vijay Dalwani

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