Juices – Flush your Toxins

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You are aware that 70% of the human body content is made up of water and this water is not only from the intake of water but also from our complete diet comprising of vegetable, fruits and their juices. One glass of juice can activate and refresh your body and mind instantly. The juices of vegetables are healthier than those of fruits but the taste of fruit juices overrides that of vegetable and hence to balance both a mix of fruit and vegetable juices are prepared. These juices are readily available in the market but are not fresh due to canned preservatives, hence juices should be had fresh.

Make juices a regular feature of your diet and see the benefits. Juices help flushing away the toxins in your body just like water. Orange juice and lemonade are refreshing drinks especially to keep away the heat of the summers and have a high content of vitamin C and boosts the immune system to keep away cold and flu. They also keep the cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels under control and prevent cancer. Orange having a high content of potassium prevents various diseases and keeps the heart healthy. Tomato juice commonly had throughout the world has a prime content of lycopene which prevents cancer related diseases. Just like orange juice it has a high content of vitamin C and potassium and prevents heart related diseases. Cucumber juice rich in potassium, silica, manganese, chlorophyll, vitamin A and vitamin C gives a huge range of nutrients to the body. Carrot juice well known for its benefits to the eyes is considered a to be a tonic providing innumerable benefits being rich of nutrients. Even external application of carrot juice clears off skin blemishes. Bittergourd juice being very bitter is often had with a mixture of other juices, acting as an insulin it is often had to control diabetes and prevent blood disorders. Neem juice is also extremely bitter but a very good cure to skin diseases as it had for blood purification. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a glass of apple juice comprises elements of three apples together so imagine the benefits it can provide. Have a glass of apple juice and fulfil your the complete requirement of vitamin A of your body.
Well juices of many more fruits and vegetable are nutritional but the ones above give you a balance of health and deliciousness.Choose the fruit of your choice and squeeze it to enjoy it.

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Vijay Dalwani


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