Soups- lure your taste buds

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Many love it many don’t, many have it as a regular course of their meal, many on occasions and many when they fall ill. If you travel round the world you’ll figure out that different countries have different cuisines and hence different soups to suit their tastes. Soups are more like an appitizer, they create a hunger well for you . Traditional soups of all the countries are now served everywhere, even in India there are French, Italian, Irish, British, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and various other soups available. The traditional Indian soups are the tomato soup, rasam, potato onion soup, carrot soup and the spinach soup, cucumber soup and mixed vegetable soup.

When you are having a bowl full of soup remember you are gulping down a bowl full of healthy ingredients. Each soup has its own ingredients, tastes and benefits. The tomato soup being the all time favourite, easy to make is made up of fresh tomatoes is a major cure of for the ill effects of diabetes, cancer, smoking and heart problems. It is very beneficial to the bones and the vision. Its high content of Lycopene, enable to improve and keep up the immunity levels and its anti oxidants cleanses the body off the free radicals that could have killing properties. Well known for its flavour and aroma is the Rasam, a south Indian dish is served as a soup or with rice and is called by various names such as sar, saru, charu but most commonly rasam. It has its prime ingredient as yellow lentil also called tuvar dal and has three forms lime rasam, garlic rasam and tomato rasam which are very good for digestion. The potato onion soup, carrot soup and the cucumber soup made up of the fresh and healthy veggies provide a balanced diet to the body especially the young ones who often skip meals. These soups enhance the vitamin and the protein levels in the body often lacking in today’s busy beings. They give warmth to the body and easily help in the digestion of the food. Many a times they fill you up and keeps you slim with their high fibre content and low calorie content
The non-vegetarians take in broth being the common chicken or beef soup. There is also seafood soup and mutton soup for a very healthy and very tasty mix of benefits to the bones, eyes and the muscular and joint pains. Hence its a call for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians to grab a bowl full of soup and get their daily intake of vitamins and proteins.

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Vijay Dalwani


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