Can Having Pets Be Beneficial For Health ?

June 7, 2011 at 3:49 pm Leave a comment

Bizarre but true having pets is beneficial. Dogs, cats, lovebirds, talking parrots, rabbits, fishes and now guinea pigs, have them for a while and notice how attached to get to them and they to you. Soon they become like your family. Now how do they benefit your health? They keep you busy when you are around them just like a baby does. By playing with them and serving their daily needs you don’t realise how time passes.

Animals have a touch that humans do not, this is because their expectation from man is nothing but love and attention. When you get back from work, you would see your dogs waiting for you at the gate and trying to lift your briefcase and when you are sad, they cum and wag their tails. Although they do not have an understanding /power of judgement, they understand human emotions extremely well and they are great soothers to stress.
Our mind needs rest and for that we need to stop our thinking process which continues in our subconscious mind even when we are not aware. This peace of mind is obtained only when we are asleep or when busy in some work. An idle mind is a devils workshop rightly states that don’t remain idle, keep busy. Especially when a close one is gone or someone is depressed if they are gifted a pet you will realise the effect on him. The depression and ill thoughts are driven away in no time.
Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility and involves many activities which keep you diverted towards something fruitful. When you are stressed and your cat jumps over your bed and wags its tails or when you return back from work and your dog jumps over you, you feel a sense of activeness in your body and get refreshed. Those who live alone should usually get a pet to give themselves a feel of someone waiting for you when you get home and someone staying up with you during your sleepless nights. Company is very important in this fast world and what better than a pet who will always be by your side. So if you are bored, stressed out or lonely in your apartment go get a pet to make you feel wanted.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani

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