Deciding what’s Good and what’s Bad

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While some habits are known to you, some you don’t even realize. You may just realize one of them when someone catches you red handed or someone makes a wacky comment.
Habits are natural but deciding if they are good for you or not, depends upon your perception. While some habits are healthy , some could put you to task. Compulsive eating- When you are stressed and you have work load with pressure and targets, you may just land up with a burger. Do you remember the days when you were close to your board exams, you consumed food in extremes, either you hogged on burgers and pizzas or you dint touch food at all. So now it’s a habit, whenever you have pressure, you want food.

Let’s look at another habit, “Your brains are in your head” everyone knows this but still when you are asked to think you scratch your head like as if you would think better and thoughts would flow. This is now a habit, when asked to think about progress of your country five years down the line, your hand goes up on the head and you get your answers. Now that does not seem to be a good habit.
Yet another habit people hold is shaking their feet while they are deeply thinking, well mannerisms say that’s a BAD habit, it shows your nervousness and your anxiety. It proves one’s ability to handle his hurdles.
One of the most popular habits and widely seen amongst people is Biting of Finger Nails. We bite nails when we are thinking hard, we chew nails when things go on in our head and thoughts do not leave us. Now that’s again not a good habit, infact according to psychology it’s an abnormal behavior.
Lets now look at some good habits-
– Waking up early in the morning
– Involving yourself in an activity/ exercise everyday
– Being disciplined but not a perfectionist
– Eating healthy food
– No smoking/drinking
Healthy habits improve your lifestyle and give you a better life filled with energy. One could takes easy steps to change habits
– Realize what your habits are
– Decide if they are good or bad
– Set a goal and understand what is the change you are looking at
– Then keep your near and dear ones to informed about your intention of change
– Tell your near and dear ones to stop you everytime they realize you are doing it
– Make a conscious effort to keep a check on your own self
Practice this and you would soon realize your bad habits change into good ones.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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