Don’t Just Exercise Your Muscles But Also Your Eyes

June 7, 2011 at 4:01 pm Leave a comment

Television, Computers, Readings fat books, video games, PSPs, mobile phone games take away almost all our day. Children are more so affected by these today. Just imagine if our day is made up of particularly all these elements then what damage are we doing to our eyes. Our eyes need rest and just a few hours of sleep is not sufficient rest to the precious eyes. Such aspeacts of our lifestyle has spoilt the vision, especially of the kids. The number of their spectacles are increasing day by day and eye drops not sufficient. The size of their spectacles are becoming thicker by the day and the weakness is going from bad to worse.

People say wearing specs of an appropriate number will always reduce the number but that is not enough. Just like our body requires exercises and massages our eyes need them too. Exercise your eyes by moving your eyes balls upward, downward, right to left and vice versa and in a circular pattern to improve the vision, relax the eye muscles and the nerves surrounding the eyes. These can be done at anytime anywhere. Concentrating on a particular object as it moves and concentrating on your finger as it moves close and then far from the face are popular exercises imparted these days. There are various centres teaching such exercises. Besides concentrating on the flame of the candle is yet another form of exercise. Practising these eye movements reduces the red lines you often noticed on the white portion of the eyes and also clears the dark circles surrounding your eyes. So next time sitting idle just perform these simple eye exercises and get glowing , lovely eyes. Besides to calm the eyes one could cut a few slices of the cool cucumber and keep them on the eye lids or a simpler way is by taking cotton buds and wetting it with milk and placing them on the eye lids. This kools the eyes and relax them completely.
Infact make it a regular feature of your routine. It is a serious recommendation of the eye specialist these days and you will notice results in a few days. Your eye sight will get clearer and sharper and soon you wouldn’t have to hide your eyes behind huge glasses or expose them to the risk of lenses.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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