Habits Die Hard

June 7, 2011 at 4:34 pm Leave a comment

Are you personally aware of what your habits are ?
Are Habits and Hobbies the same ?
Do we enjoy our habits ?
How do we develop Habits ?
Are all habits good ?
Well it’s a very well known saying that habits die hard and much of it lays truth in the fact that actions that we are unaware of would not die cause our conscious mind in not knowing it. When we are children we learn a lot of things from our parents, siblings and our immediate environment. We learn our basics of walking, talking and speaking different languages with fluency but when we get into our teens we tend to form habits.

Habits are actions that we grasp from what we SEE, what we FEEL and how we RELATE to it. It is not necessary that we like our habits or we enjoy do it, many a times we do not even know we have a habit or we do not even realize our actions to those habits, HABITS ARE NOT ALWAYS LIKED. Sometimes we even hate our habits but like its said, they don’t leave is so easily.
All of us have times when we are nervous, sensitive, sentimental, anxious or excited. At these times if we do not have a control over our action our subconscious mind gets us involved in action which could be either desirable or undesirable. Its all in the mind and not always are we aware of our own habits. Some of the habits people normally posses are as follows-
– Nail biting
– Head Scratching
– Digging the nose
– Scratching publically
– Chewing loud
– Rubbing the palms
– Touching your personal body parts in public

Besides these common habits, each one could have a personal habit, which could vary with a person’s lifestyle and his surroundings. He may have a habit of walking up till office or smoking and drinking every evening. Well it is very important to understand that habit should be known to you and then a decision whether you are OK with it or decide to change it. Habits originate from the subconscious end and its actions are a defense mechanism to control certain feelings and emotions which are heavy for one to carry. We shall further understand if a habit is good for you or bad and how you could change it as per your choice.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani


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