Is Beer Belly a good option ?

June 8, 2011 at 2:04 am 2 comments

Sometimes you may just realize that you don’t eat too much but still you hold a huge belly. Cramped up in jeans and putting on lose t-shirts is what you are then left with. But where does all that fat come from ? Now think back and see how often do you consume alcohol and if most of it is Beer , then that’s a Beer Belly. Beer is one of the highest ranked in calories and most of it is visible around the waist line. And although not many may advice you, its benefits are innumerable to keep it away from your life.

“Have beer”, it is a well proven fact that beer is beneficial just like wine. Beer is consumed widely all round the globe by people of different origin. But consume it in limits. A glass a day would do no harm infact it would do you some good. As a tonic for relaxation and celebration beer provides you with soundless sleep. It is scientifically beneficial internally and externally to the human body. It increases the haemoglobin in our body and also the oxygen content which enhances the activity of the muscles. Beer can act as the controller of strokes, heart diseases and cholesterol . Holding a large content of vitamin B, B2 and B6 it fulfils the body need of these nutrients. Amongst all these internal benefits it must not be forgotten that beer manages the blood pressure and also flushes off the toxins and wastes thus preventing kidney stones from being formed. But if consumed beyond limits it can lead to diabetes, liver failures and high blood pressure. So control your drinking habits. All this was regarding the consumption of beer which even if consumed by a glass each day does not prove harmful at all.
Considering the external uses of beer, it is used for the beautification and health aspect of the hair by many. Beer should be applied on the hair as a conditioner for softness, shine and finesse. It is a homemade treatment to provide shiny, lustrous, silky and strong hair. It is a remedy to hair loss as well. Don’t just grow a beer belly but grow hair with it. So the next time you have a can of beer unfinished or a bottle of it remaining and no capacity to consume it just use it and you know what best to use it for. And always remember don’t drink and drive for the safety of yourself and others.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Dalwani

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Deciding what’s Good and what’s Bad

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