Soups- lure your taste buds

Many love it many don’t, many have it as a regular course of their meal, many on occasions and many when they fall ill. If you travel round the world you’ll figure out that different countries have different cuisines and hence different soups to suit their tastes. Soups are more like an appitizer, they create a hunger well for you . Traditional soups of all the countries are now served everywhere, even in India there are French, Italian, Irish, British, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and various other soups available. The traditional Indian soups are the tomato soup, rasam, potato onion soup, carrot soup and the spinach soup, cucumber soup and mixed vegetable soup.


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Don’t skip the most important Meal

Ever noticed why is it called breakfast? It is called so because you are breaking the fast you have had overnight. Not known to many but skipping breakfast is a very bad habit. It is very well said that eat your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a miser and your dinner like a beggar. It is not just a phrase its got its biological reasons attached to it. Breakfast builds energy in the body not only for the immediate hour but for the day. On the basis of the breakfast the body determines what is expected of it during the day.

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Eye Massage

Do we care about things that we already have ?
Do we thank God for what he has given us ?
If we do then how do we prove that ?
Eyesight is one of those Gods gifts to us to admire the world and rejoice his creation but when we posses it we hardly value it but imagine if you had lost it, life would just be black and the night would never turn back into day. Since we use our eyes the most it’s time to relax them and pamper them.

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Time to Rejuvenate…

The kind of lifestyle we lead today demands us to play innumerable roles from parents to children, from teachers to students, from partners to moral supporters and each of these roles demands exorbitantly from our body. This daily stress could easy solutions and one of the most known ones these days is Massages. Relaxation, Recreation, Rest, Respite, Relief, Reinstate are the 6 R’s that define massages. Massages are the manual application of external force on the human body. The pressure applied transfers energy from the external sources to the inner self and relaxes the muscles. Not only the Circulation of blood is enhanced but also the oxygen content of the body increases by such massages.

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Body Piercings – A new Trend

The western culture and attitude has spread widely in India and brings a lot of changes in the lifestyle with respect to the fashion industry, body tattoos and body piercings. Body piercings are passages is created on the external body for wearing jewellery. From years there has been ear piercing and nose piercing for young girls but now the trend has set forth piercings of the forehead, chin, naval, nails, lips and even the tongue. Piercings is the latest fashion especially for the new generation.

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Skin Whitening

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is one of the most known sayings but today with science and technology playing their roles fantastically any girl could look like Cinderella. From the Hair to the skin and even the body, you could change the way it all looks something that has caught the attention of many is Skin Whitening. Every girl wants to look fairer with a great complexion and a healthy skin. And these days the trends are moving the other way as well. Not only women, men today want to have a fairer complexion as well.

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Ever tried Acupressure??

Today’s busy schedules and time constraints making our lives hectic and tiring give no place to relaxation and recreation of the body energy. To get the oomph factor in our daily agenda we have to revitalize ourselves and the pure and natural solution to this is acupressure. It is a form of transfer of energy and force from the external forces to the internal self.

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